Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review on A. Vogel Herbamare sea salt with organic veggies and herbs

Hi everyone,
If you are health conscious and you want to avoid too many salt in your diet then i suggest you use spices like dried herbs and veggies for example dried leaks, oregano, basil, thyme, ginger, bay leaves and then if you want a bit salt just use half the amount you used before. The strong tastes in these spices will put a lot of taste and flavour in your dish that it will taste the same or even better.

The next good thing is to buy a sea salt with herbs and veggies like A. Vogel Herbamare. It contains of 93% sea salt and the rest of organic herbs and veggies so you should not be too generous when putting it in your food.

This salt taste so good you won't miss bouillon, which often have MSG, corn or soy products in it. it has still a lot of sea salt, so just use a little bit (maximum half the amount of salt you used before) and use more spices. You could also add lemon and savory vegetable fruits like celery and tomatoes to lower your salt intake. As you know, salt absorbs water, which will make you bloated and salt is also not good for one's kidneys.


You can buy your sea salt with herbs and veggies here:

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