Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review on the film: Limitless (Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper)

The main character in the movie, Eddie Morra is a writer experiencing a writer's block. One day he meets his former brother in law who apparently finally is successful although he is surrounded by danger. Eddie is presented to a magic pill, which enhances his brain capability and makes him an instant genius. Everybody knows that geniuses like Albert Einstein used a larger part of his brain than most of us and this pill even beats that. But Eddie soon finds out that the pill has side effects. For one he is chased by dangerous people wanting to get hold of the pills, and he also have blackouts, which endangers his health.

Eddie wants it all, wealth, success, a love life and pills with no side effects, but can he survive?

The film is very exciting since it tickles your imagination and lets you dream of the possibilities if someone makes such a pill. The only downside to the film is that there was no explanation into how the pills were made. I guess it's needed so that people will continue on thinking of the film and will make their own conclusion.

I seriously recommend it to all as i have enjoyed it very much.


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