Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review on juicy dates from RM Import A/S Iran

Hi everyone!
These dates are made by RM Import A/S Iran and can be bought here in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway). These dates are very soft, juicy and sweet that you would think they're candy or caramel. If you don't live in Scandinavia you could just buy Medjool dates. You could eat them on their own or even better you could blend it with your shakes and smoothies and you avoid sugar, honey, agave and other sweeteners which does not contain any fiber. Then it won't be empty calories. Dates are rich in fiber and contain vitamin A, calcium and iron.

These sweet and soft dates are also excellent in raw recipes like raw cakes, raw cookies, jams, pies and dressings, homemade nutella spread/balls, sorbet/ice cream and many more. We also made ketchup and sweetened it with dates. But if you want you could also use dates in any regular baking and cooking as a substitute for any sweetener. I guess it's only one's imagination which can limit you or stop you from inventing new recipes with dates. Your recipes will not only be healthy but also sweet and delicious. You won't miss the processed sugar.


You can buy your organic Medjool dates here:

You could read about the nutrition data of dates here:

You could watch our YouTube channel with lots of recipes with dates here:

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  1. thank you for your post. I discovered them today in Germany .... as I know them from living in Egypt. I LOVE them. They are spppp delicious. Much better than sweets and chocolate, as they are very excellent for your glucose levels to be stable. I read they free only very slowly the sugar into the body to keep your blood sugar stable. While regular sweets give a shot and than the blood sugar drops. Very good for kids. Thank you mother nature for such delicious foods.