Friday, April 27, 2012

Review on Dimes mango juice with no added sugars (made in Turkey)

Hi everyone,
This mango juice is amazingly sweet, tasty and really tastes like fresh mango juice although it partly comes from concentrate. There are no added sugars so it's natural and healthy. It's ideal for smoothies and shakes instead of adding just water or milk. You won't need any added sugar especially if you use bananas and other sweet fruits.

It is sold here in Denmark in Asian and oriental stores.

I have tried many brands of juices and even pure juices without concentrates but this juice just tastes refreshing. There are other flavors too like pineapple, grape, berries and many more but this is my favorite.


You can read about Dimes juices here:


  1. thanks

    im' just now drinking the apricot version wich im' not very pleased about -it's sweet but bland

  2. Thanks,

    I'm drinking the 24/7 version now which tastes like cough medicine Hmm.

  3. haha lol love u xx too funny babez