Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review on film: Cracks (Eva Green)

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This is film's genre is drama but to me it seemed like psychological thriller. The film starts with focusing on an odd teacher, Miss G (played by Eva Green) in a private all women school back in the 1930's in England. she is not strict and by the book like the other teachers. She and the whole film reminds me of another film, "Dead Poets Society_ Carpe Diem" with Robin Williams, where the teacher, played by Robin Williams, is also charming and unconventional like Miss G. But the similarities end there. Because in this film, Miss G who is looked up to by his students has a much darker side than she shows them.

Miss G is the leader of the group, the team, which she should guide so they could reach their goal, doing their best as a swimming team. Although Miss G is passionate and poetic, only one in the group really excels, until one aristocrat from Spain comes in to join the team and sets the bar.

The team, especially the leader of the team, tries to mold her, without luck. This girl, Fiamma has her own standards and follows no rules but her own. She too is poetic and well traveled like everybody thought of Miss G, or so they thought. Each day, the team is more drawn to Fiamma than anyone else.

Miss G also admires Fiamma but in an extremely different way, that ends in a very tragic ending. The film is a tragedy but also depicts the life of an eccentric being trying to act normal. The title itself gives a foreshadowing that the film shows that even in the most perfect facades, there will always be some cracks, no matter how tiny they may be.


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