Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review on Vitamin D3

My doctor in February 2012, did a blood test on my vitamin D levels because i experience "pins and needles" sensations in my hands and muscle and bone pain. The  blood test turned out to be very low (20 nmol/l) so I started taking vitamin D3. At first I started taking another brand but since it was combined with calcium (which made me urinate a lot, even during the night), i switched to another brand (Natur Drogeriet). This is sold in Denmark and has been proven to be the cheapest and gives the highest quality, at least here in Denmark. One tablet contains 35 microgram/1400 i.e. of vitamin D3.

There are other brands which one can buy:

with the  dosage of 1000-10 000 i.e. in a single tablet or capsule but i haven't tried those.

My doctor told me to take 105 micrograms/4200 i.u. of vitamin D3 for at least 3 months before i get tested again. And afterwards i have to continue taking it for the rest of my life. Since February i took only 76 micrograms/3040 i.u. because i was a bit cautious about it but after some "research" in the library and watching UCtv (University of California television) on YouTube i found out that it is safe to take vitamin D3 with the dosage of 125 micrograms/5000 i.u. up to 250 micrograms/10 000 i.u. and some have even experimented with 1250 micrograms/50 000 i.u. without the risk of toxicity. I would not dare to experiment that far.

Since March i started with the dosage of what my doctor recommended and i started observing some improvement. I no longer wake up during the night because of pain or strange sensations in my hands. During daytime i have less pains and tensions in my shoulders and less headaches. Yesterday i started with the dosage 250 micrograms/10 000 i.u. divided into two. I take 140 micrograms/5600 i.u. (4 tablets) in the morning with my breakfast and 105 micrograms/4200 i.u. (3 tablets) with my dinner. I choose to divide it so that my body can easily digest it.

My daughter has also taken vitamin D3 but since she is not deficient in vitamin D, she only takes 105 micro grams/4200 i.u. and her dandruff has diminished dramatically. Her acne has also improved and both our skins are now almost free from eczema and rash. I also noticed that my hay allergies is almost gone. I only take over the counter anti-histamine tablets and no need for eye-drops and nose spray. Last year when i was not yet supplementing with vitamin D3, i had to use all of these things.

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