Wednesday, April 25, 2012

review on film: Toast (Nigel Slater, Helena Bonham Carter, Freddie Highmore)

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This film is a film about the life of a simple but wonderful chef and food critique and enthusiast Nigel Slater. It narrates about his life growing up with a sick mother who appeared to be afraid of doing anything bold in the kitchen. In spite of this or maybe because of this poor culinary experience young Nigel is driven by hunger for real food. He is obsessed by fresh fruits, vegetables and cooking.

Although young Nigel has a bad cook for a mother he loves her dearly because of her kindness and her toast with butter, the nicest and most delicious she could make in her kitchen. Her toast and kindness compensates for Nigel's father's coldness. One day, Nigel's mother dies and Mrs. Potter, a maid and a wonderful cook comes in the picture and steals Nigel's father's heart and becomes Nigel's stepmother.

Nigel grows up longing to please his father by his exquisite cooking. He finds himself competing with his stepmother in the culinary arts.

In the end, he realizes something bigger and more important than competing in the kitchen, that will form his life.

The only negative thing i can come up with the film is that i think that actor Freddie Highmore could have put a greater effort in his acting while tasting food. If anyone has seen Nigel Slater taste food, one would salivate because one could see and almost taste his passion for good food. He is a true foodie and his passion is "contagious".

The young Nigel Slater, played by Oscar Kennedy did a much more credible portrait of Nigel Slater. He is passionate and hungry for real and tasty food. One could also feel his yearning to reach out to his father.

I just love this film and if you love cooking or at least like watching someone cook a glorious meal, this film is perfect for you. If you have never seen Nigel Slater create natural and simple cooking, you can get a glimpse of it in the film.


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