Friday, April 27, 2012

Review on the book: Bill Gates, The computer Legend, by Sara Barton-Wood

Hi everyone,
This book is about Bill Gates, his life, and his career life. It's a good book which gives you an introduction to his genius in the computer world. You will know how he started out being intrigued with math and machines as a child which then develops to an enormous interest in computers and programming as he grows up. Many people thinks that Bill Gates has Asperger's syndrome because he does a lot of stimming, like rocking in his chair, back and forth, which he says helps him in his concentration. This and his diet with only pizza and coke while he was in Harvard, is described in the book, which is interesting because many people with Asperger's syndrome do tend to like limited and specific foods, since different and many tastes stresses their senses.

In the book you can also read about Bill Gates being the richest but most generous man in the whole world.

You can also read about his modern and intriguing home i Lakeside which suits him like a glove.

The book is divided in many parts and it has many pictures, which makes it pleasurable and easy to read. All in all, this book is a good introduction to Bill Gates life and career life.


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Review on Dimes mango juice with no added sugars (made in Turkey)

Hi everyone,
This mango juice is amazingly sweet, tasty and really tastes like fresh mango juice although it partly comes from concentrate. There are no added sugars so it's natural and healthy. It's ideal for smoothies and shakes instead of adding just water or milk. You won't need any added sugar especially if you use bananas and other sweet fruits.

It is sold here in Denmark in Asian and oriental stores.

I have tried many brands of juices and even pure juices without concentrates but this juice just tastes refreshing. There are other flavors too like pineapple, grape, berries and many more but this is my favorite.


You can read about Dimes juices here:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review on film: Cracks (Eva Green)

Hi everyone,
This is film's genre is drama but to me it seemed like psychological thriller. The film starts with focusing on an odd teacher, Miss G (played by Eva Green) in a private all women school back in the 1930's in England. she is not strict and by the book like the other teachers. She and the whole film reminds me of another film, "Dead Poets Society_ Carpe Diem" with Robin Williams, where the teacher, played by Robin Williams, is also charming and unconventional like Miss G. But the similarities end there. Because in this film, Miss G who is looked up to by his students has a much darker side than she shows them.

Miss G is the leader of the group, the team, which she should guide so they could reach their goal, doing their best as a swimming team. Although Miss G is passionate and poetic, only one in the group really excels, until one aristocrat from Spain comes in to join the team and sets the bar.

The team, especially the leader of the team, tries to mold her, without luck. This girl, Fiamma has her own standards and follows no rules but her own. She too is poetic and well traveled like everybody thought of Miss G, or so they thought. Each day, the team is more drawn to Fiamma than anyone else.

Miss G also admires Fiamma but in an extremely different way, that ends in a very tragic ending. The film is a tragedy but also depicts the life of an eccentric being trying to act normal. The title itself gives a foreshadowing that the film shows that even in the most perfect facades, there will always be some cracks, no matter how tiny they may be.


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Review on A. Vogel Herbamare sea salt with organic veggies and herbs

Hi everyone,
If you are health conscious and you want to avoid too many salt in your diet then i suggest you use spices like dried herbs and veggies for example dried leaks, oregano, basil, thyme, ginger, bay leaves and then if you want a bit salt just use half the amount you used before. The strong tastes in these spices will put a lot of taste and flavour in your dish that it will taste the same or even better.

The next good thing is to buy a sea salt with herbs and veggies like A. Vogel Herbamare. It contains of 93% sea salt and the rest of organic herbs and veggies so you should not be too generous when putting it in your food.

This salt taste so good you won't miss bouillon, which often have MSG, corn or soy products in it. it has still a lot of sea salt, so just use a little bit (maximum half the amount of salt you used before) and use more spices. You could also add lemon and savory vegetable fruits like celery and tomatoes to lower your salt intake. As you know, salt absorbs water, which will make you bloated and salt is also not good for one's kidneys.


You can buy your sea salt with herbs and veggies here:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

review on film: Toast (Nigel Slater, Helena Bonham Carter, Freddie Highmore)

Hi everyone,
This film is a film about the life of a simple but wonderful chef and food critique and enthusiast Nigel Slater. It narrates about his life growing up with a sick mother who appeared to be afraid of doing anything bold in the kitchen. In spite of this or maybe because of this poor culinary experience young Nigel is driven by hunger for real food. He is obsessed by fresh fruits, vegetables and cooking.

Although young Nigel has a bad cook for a mother he loves her dearly because of her kindness and her toast with butter, the nicest and most delicious she could make in her kitchen. Her toast and kindness compensates for Nigel's father's coldness. One day, Nigel's mother dies and Mrs. Potter, a maid and a wonderful cook comes in the picture and steals Nigel's father's heart and becomes Nigel's stepmother.

Nigel grows up longing to please his father by his exquisite cooking. He finds himself competing with his stepmother in the culinary arts.

In the end, he realizes something bigger and more important than competing in the kitchen, that will form his life.

The only negative thing i can come up with the film is that i think that actor Freddie Highmore could have put a greater effort in his acting while tasting food. If anyone has seen Nigel Slater taste food, one would salivate because one could see and almost taste his passion for good food. He is a true foodie and his passion is "contagious".

The young Nigel Slater, played by Oscar Kennedy did a much more credible portrait of Nigel Slater. He is passionate and hungry for real and tasty food. One could also feel his yearning to reach out to his father.

I just love this film and if you love cooking or at least like watching someone cook a glorious meal, this film is perfect for you. If you have never seen Nigel Slater create natural and simple cooking, you can get a glimpse of it in the film.


You can buy the film here:
You can watch Nigel Slater on YouTube here:

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review on juicy dates from RM Import A/S Iran

Hi everyone!
These dates are made by RM Import A/S Iran and can be bought here in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway). These dates are very soft, juicy and sweet that you would think they're candy or caramel. If you don't live in Scandinavia you could just buy Medjool dates. You could eat them on their own or even better you could blend it with your shakes and smoothies and you avoid sugar, honey, agave and other sweeteners which does not contain any fiber. Then it won't be empty calories. Dates are rich in fiber and contain vitamin A, calcium and iron.

These sweet and soft dates are also excellent in raw recipes like raw cakes, raw cookies, jams, pies and dressings, homemade nutella spread/balls, sorbet/ice cream and many more. We also made ketchup and sweetened it with dates. But if you want you could also use dates in any regular baking and cooking as a substitute for any sweetener. I guess it's only one's imagination which can limit you or stop you from inventing new recipes with dates. Your recipes will not only be healthy but also sweet and delicious. You won't miss the processed sugar.


You can buy your organic Medjool dates here:

You could read about the nutrition data of dates here:

You could watch our YouTube channel with lots of recipes with dates here:

Review on the movie: The beaver (Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Lawrence)

This film which stars Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, is a film showing the lives of Walter Black and his family. Walter is suffering from depression and it hurts  him and his family. His wife, played by Jodie Foster is trying to be patient, but the couple decides to separate. Their oldest son, who hates his dad, is also experiencing depression and hates it that he has many of his father's traits. Walter is drowning his sorrow in alcohol and it almost ended his life. Before that happens he finds a puppet, a beaver, which he later names, The Beaver.

The Beaver makes Walter a different person and even gives him a British accent. With The beaver's help, Walter seemingly regains his mental health, and goes back to his family, who reluctantly takes him back. The only family member  who accepts him and The Beaver with open arms, is his youngest son. The Beaver helps him also to succeed in his job.

The film is a good film over all but i wish there was an alternate ending to it. I think that people's uniqueness should be accepted. I once saw a YouTube show about a woman who has Asperger's Syndrome and she has also a puppet, a bag puppet who likes to talk to people. She was accepted by many but sometimes people don't understand and become threatened and aggressive.

The film is definitely worth buying, since it's entertaining and deep at the same time.


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You can watch the YouTube show here:

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review on the film: Limitless (Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper)

The main character in the movie, Eddie Morra is a writer experiencing a writer's block. One day he meets his former brother in law who apparently finally is successful although he is surrounded by danger. Eddie is presented to a magic pill, which enhances his brain capability and makes him an instant genius. Everybody knows that geniuses like Albert Einstein used a larger part of his brain than most of us and this pill even beats that. But Eddie soon finds out that the pill has side effects. For one he is chased by dangerous people wanting to get hold of the pills, and he also have blackouts, which endangers his health.

Eddie wants it all, wealth, success, a love life and pills with no side effects, but can he survive?

The film is very exciting since it tickles your imagination and lets you dream of the possibilities if someone makes such a pill. The only downside to the film is that there was no explanation into how the pills were made. I guess it's needed so that people will continue on thinking of the film and will make their own conclusion.

I seriously recommend it to all as i have enjoyed it very much.


You can buy the film here:

Review on the film "Michael Jackson:The life of an icon"

This film which is produced by David Gest, promises to feature never before seen footage and interviews with Michael Jackson's family, friends and Motown legends. Although i read this at the back of the DVD i still bought it because i was expecting to see something so emotional, that i would cry. But i was sadly disappointed. Many of the things Michael's friends and family said in the interviews were things i already knew from past films and documentaries, done in the past when Michael still lived and after his death.

What was new to me was that Michael's mother Katherine Jackson admitted that Michael did indeed bleached his skin, his hands, chest, face (parts of the body seen), just to even out his skin color because he suffered from vitiligo.

Although the DVD doesn't promise anything about Michael's kids, i was still expecting a few interviews from them in the movie. Katherine and others do speak a little about them, but in the movie, you can only see pictures of them.

The movie shows mostly of interviews, pictures and you could hear Michael's voice and music in the background.

The pictures of Michael shown in the movie, are mostly taken from the time before his surgeries, which is a bit odd since, everybody knows of his surgeries. To me it seems like people behind the the movie is in denial or something.

One more thing that is strange with the movie is the attempt to almost belittle Michael's stories or confessions of him losing his childhood to fame or his horrible memories of his father Joe, punishing him. They said that Michael enjoyed his childhood, that he did have time to play although he was working very hard. Michael's brother, Tito also said that Michael and Janet Jackson got the least beatings of them all.

Although i wanted to see more than i got, i'm not sorry i bought the film since I saw a lot of Michael's friends and family, who are the people who helped form him as a person and a great artist.

Hope you enjoy!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Review on organic extra virgin coconut oil as eczema cure after sunbathing

I bought organic extra virgin (with the brand Urtekram) oil last year as i have heard from many people that it's good for the skin, that it heals dry skin, dry hair, pimples, rash, wrinkles and many more. But yesterday evening i saw on YouTube that it's an excellent cure for eczema as well. I also googled to find a natural eczema cure and coconut oil is number one cure there. Before, i used thick creams and hydro cortisone after prescriptions from my doctor but like any other medicine, these have side effects.

I have always suffered from eczema since i was a baby and since 2007 i started having hives. I finally cured my eczema since last year by eating a low fat vegan diet with lots of fruits and veggies. But i still get eczema after sunbathing or even just being out in the sun for a few minutes.

So yesterday evening i tried the oil (i got a lot of eczema on my arms and legs since i sunbathed for two hours yesterday afternoon), and this morning i noticed that my eczema is almost gone. Now i use it as a moisturizer for my whole body. If you buy organic extra virgin oil, you don't have to use perfume as it smells very good. Some people say that this oil is excellent as a sunscreen and some say that it will fry your skin. I guess it's better to use after showering and especially in the evening just to play it safe.

Take care.


You can also watch on YouTube about extra virgin coconut oil as eczema cure here:

You may read more of coconut oil's other benefits for the skin and health here:

You can buy organic extra virgin oil here:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review on the movie "My sister's keeper" (Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin)

The movie is based on the bestseller with the same title. I haven't read the novel but i'm guessing it's as heartwarming as the movie. The story revolves around a loving family which  is very much affected by the oldest daughter's leukemia. The parents are dedicated and so willing to save their daughter that they conceive another child, Anna Fitzgerald to be a donor for her older sister.

Upon watching the movie, one would feel that the whole family is on board with Anna saving her sister when the time comes. But when she turns 11 years old and appears to be hesitant in following "the plan", the family especially the mother, played by Cameron Diaz, is shocked. She has done everything in her power to heal her daughter, given the whole family healthy, organic meals, taken care of her daughters, especially the sick one, that she has not even thought that "the donor" someday might go to an attorney to regain her right to her own body.

The sick daughter seems understanding and not minding her sister's sudden change of heart. Later she meets a guy who she fells for and gives her some moments of being a normal teenager.

I thought that Anna will change her mind in the end so she can save her sister but I was surprised in the end, because of the twist, . The focus of the story is very much on Anna, which distracts us, the audience from the real core of the story. This part is so brilliantly done and like when one sees a magician do his/her trick, one does not see what really is happening because of "all the smoke".

Hope you enjoy watching the movie.


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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review on Ikea rocking chair

This rocking chair from Ikea (PoƤng Rocking chair) is so relaxing and soothing that i want to buy one more, just so that my daughter and i gets each one. This rocking chair is so comfortable and amazing that we often "argue" which one of us gets to use it. It's not just a chair but you would almost feel like your'e meditating when your'e rocking. I have tried many rocking chairs in my life since i'm obsessed with them but this one is easy to rock. You just have to move a little and it rocks you to sleep.

You could go to any Ikea shop you have in your country and try it. When my daughter and i saw it and tried it, we sat and rocked for at least 20 minutes and then bought it. There are other rocking chairs in Ikea which have leather sits and are also comfortable but also more expensive. But i do prefer this particular one because it's light and easy to move and also easy to clean, since the sit is made of fabric.

Hope you enjoy!


You can buy this rocking chair in:

Review on Vitamin D3

My doctor in February 2012, did a blood test on my vitamin D levels because i experience "pins and needles" sensations in my hands and muscle and bone pain. The  blood test turned out to be very low (20 nmol/l) so I started taking vitamin D3. At first I started taking another brand but since it was combined with calcium (which made me urinate a lot, even during the night), i switched to another brand (Natur Drogeriet). This is sold in Denmark and has been proven to be the cheapest and gives the highest quality, at least here in Denmark. One tablet contains 35 microgram/1400 i.e. of vitamin D3.

There are other brands which one can buy:

with the  dosage of 1000-10 000 i.e. in a single tablet or capsule but i haven't tried those.

My doctor told me to take 105 micrograms/4200 i.u. of vitamin D3 for at least 3 months before i get tested again. And afterwards i have to continue taking it for the rest of my life. Since February i took only 76 micrograms/3040 i.u. because i was a bit cautious about it but after some "research" in the library and watching UCtv (University of California television) on YouTube i found out that it is safe to take vitamin D3 with the dosage of 125 micrograms/5000 i.u. up to 250 micrograms/10 000 i.u. and some have even experimented with 1250 micrograms/50 000 i.u. without the risk of toxicity. I would not dare to experiment that far.

Since March i started with the dosage of what my doctor recommended and i started observing some improvement. I no longer wake up during the night because of pain or strange sensations in my hands. During daytime i have less pains and tensions in my shoulders and less headaches. Yesterday i started with the dosage 250 micrograms/10 000 i.u. divided into two. I take 140 micrograms/5600 i.u. (4 tablets) in the morning with my breakfast and 105 micrograms/4200 i.u. (3 tablets) with my dinner. I choose to divide it so that my body can easily digest it.

My daughter has also taken vitamin D3 but since she is not deficient in vitamin D, she only takes 105 micro grams/4200 i.u. and her dandruff has diminished dramatically. Her acne has also improved and both our skins are now almost free from eczema and rash. I also noticed that my hay allergies is almost gone. I only take over the counter anti-histamine tablets and no need for eye-drops and nose spray. Last year when i was not yet supplementing with vitamin D3, i had to use all of these things.

Take care.


You can buy Vitamin D3 in:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review on the film "The Help" (Emma Stone)

 The film "The Help" is based upon a novel with the same title. It depicts the life of Aibileen, Minny, two African American women who were working as maids for white people in the early 1960's in USA, when racism was very much accepted. The two women meet Skeeter, a white woman who unlike others is kind and curious about these women's lives. Skeeter is sincerely eager to know how they cope, feel and think as they care for the white families. She wants to know their point of view and wants to write about it in a novel, which they eventually agrees on doing, although they know that it's very dangerous and which can leave them losing their jobs and perhaps going to jail if anybody finds out.

Aibileen's stories about her son dying is very touching and i got tear eyed but Minny's story about the chocolate pie that she served to her former but wicked employer was very shocking to me and i was really hoping that what she said to her employer was some kind of an expression or that perhaps she meant that she placed something else than the truth. I know that this part of the movie is needed in the plot and as Minny says, its their insurance so that nobody knows the truth. It makes the movie very memorable and although i don't eat chocolate pie, i will never look at chocolate pies in the same way as i did before.

I find the movie refreshing since you can see it both in the point of view of African Americans and also in the point of view of women in general at a time when both race and the sexes were not discussed openly. There are male actors in the film but their roles were not the major ones.

The movie is very credible and the actresses play magnificently. The movie is so good and well played that it makes you think and wonder if the stories were really true. Everybody knows that racism was very normal in America at that time but the film itself is warm and engaging that i think of Minny, Aibileen and Skeeter like when i think of other normal ordinary people walking down the streets. I wonder what they are all doing now, how their lives turned out to be and that i would like to see them now.

Hope you enjoy watching the movie.


Link where you can buy the dvd:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Review on "Cure Tooth Decay", (Ramiel Nagel)

This book is a holistic book about teeth, how to care for your teeth, what foods to eat so that you can have healthy teeth and also what to do when one experiences tooth problems such as tooth decay. The book teaches you also how the teeth works and what vitamins (vitamins A,D,E and K) and minerals (like calcium) which are critical so that you will be able to have healthy teeth and make it easier for you to cure tooth decay and remineralize and repair your teeth.

The author of the book promotes a natural diet, a diet with whole foods and does not really recommend supplements other than cod liver oil. He backs it up with history from the time the dentist Weston Price visited people who did not have tooth decay.

This book is a good read and offers a lot of research and facts from Weston Price Foundation. I bought this book because i was suffering from very sensitive teeth and i couldn't wait to read the book. The book is very inspiring and can give many people hope in dealing with their teeth. I feel that many people feels abandoned and let down by their dentists who can only give advice like "we have to fix your tooth", "buy Sensodyne to fix your sensitive teeth" etc. instead of giving you diet tips to help repair your teeth.

The book is worth buying, but i am a little disappointed in one topic in the book, which is the guidelines for vegetarians. I was already a vegan upon buying the book but i was interested in reading it anyway since i am so preoccupied in teeth and the proper nutrition in attaining good teeth and gums. The author does not encourage a vegetarian diet and  especially not a vegan diet when having tooth decay and other tooth problems. He is convinced that the best food for the teeth are grass fed meat, dairy and vegetables. Only
1-3% of almost any population are vegetarians and vegans but lots of people have tooth decay and other teeth problems. Therefore it is safe to assume that anyone can have teeth problems regardless of which diet they follow. I think that it has something to do with balance. A vegan who eats mostly junk food can have teeth problems since his/her diet will be lacking in proper nutrition and that applies also to meat eaters who follows a SAD diet (standard american diet) who does not balance his/her diet with healthy foods. I myself started having sensitive teeth way back when i was just 16 years old and eating meat along with green veggies. But anyway, the book helped med being aware of getting more of the right vitamins and minerals which will help support good teeth and gums.

Over all the book is helpful to people having teeth problems. And the book is divided into many chapters which makes it easier to go back and reread anything you want.

Hope you enjoy reading the book!


Link to where you can buy the book:

Introducing myself

Hello everyone,

I just want to write something about myself before I start blogging.

I'm 40 years old and i love reading (mostly facts and books about health, diet and vegan-ism), watching movies, taking long walks with my daughter, cooking/"uncooking" healthy meals etc.

I also love to talk a lot about the books, movies or anything that i have encountered and that's why i decided to start a blog so that i can share my thoughts about things that catch my attention.

Hope you enjoy!