Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review on Ikea rocking chair

This rocking chair from Ikea (Poäng Rocking chair) is so relaxing and soothing that i want to buy one more, just so that my daughter and i gets each one. This rocking chair is so comfortable and amazing that we often "argue" which one of us gets to use it. It's not just a chair but you would almost feel like your'e meditating when your'e rocking. I have tried many rocking chairs in my life since i'm obsessed with them but this one is easy to rock. You just have to move a little and it rocks you to sleep.

You could go to any Ikea shop you have in your country and try it. When my daughter and i saw it and tried it, we sat and rocked for at least 20 minutes and then bought it. There are other rocking chairs in Ikea which have leather sits and are also comfortable but also more expensive. But i do prefer this particular one because it's light and easy to move and also easy to clean, since the sit is made of fabric.

Hope you enjoy!


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