Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Review on the movie: The beaver (Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Jennifer Lawrence)

This film which stars Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster, is a film showing the lives of Walter Black and his family. Walter is suffering from depression and it hurts  him and his family. His wife, played by Jodie Foster is trying to be patient, but the couple decides to separate. Their oldest son, who hates his dad, is also experiencing depression and hates it that he has many of his father's traits. Walter is drowning his sorrow in alcohol and it almost ended his life. Before that happens he finds a puppet, a beaver, which he later names, The Beaver.

The Beaver makes Walter a different person and even gives him a British accent. With The beaver's help, Walter seemingly regains his mental health, and goes back to his family, who reluctantly takes him back. The only family member  who accepts him and The Beaver with open arms, is his youngest son. The Beaver helps him also to succeed in his job.

The film is a good film over all but i wish there was an alternate ending to it. I think that people's uniqueness should be accepted. I once saw a YouTube show about a woman who has Asperger's Syndrome and she has also a puppet, a bag puppet who likes to talk to people. She was accepted by many but sometimes people don't understand and become threatened and aggressive.

The film is definitely worth buying, since it's entertaining and deep at the same time.


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