Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review on the film "The Help" (Emma Stone)

 The film "The Help" is based upon a novel with the same title. It depicts the life of Aibileen, Minny, two African American women who were working as maids for white people in the early 1960's in USA, when racism was very much accepted. The two women meet Skeeter, a white woman who unlike others is kind and curious about these women's lives. Skeeter is sincerely eager to know how they cope, feel and think as they care for the white families. She wants to know their point of view and wants to write about it in a novel, which they eventually agrees on doing, although they know that it's very dangerous and which can leave them losing their jobs and perhaps going to jail if anybody finds out.

Aibileen's stories about her son dying is very touching and i got tear eyed but Minny's story about the chocolate pie that she served to her former but wicked employer was very shocking to me and i was really hoping that what she said to her employer was some kind of an expression or that perhaps she meant that she placed something else than the truth. I know that this part of the movie is needed in the plot and as Minny says, its their insurance so that nobody knows the truth. It makes the movie very memorable and although i don't eat chocolate pie, i will never look at chocolate pies in the same way as i did before.

I find the movie refreshing since you can see it both in the point of view of African Americans and also in the point of view of women in general at a time when both race and the sexes were not discussed openly. There are male actors in the film but their roles were not the major ones.

The movie is very credible and the actresses play magnificently. The movie is so good and well played that it makes you think and wonder if the stories were really true. Everybody knows that racism was very normal in America at that time but the film itself is warm and engaging that i think of Minny, Aibileen and Skeeter like when i think of other normal ordinary people walking down the streets. I wonder what they are all doing now, how their lives turned out to be and that i would like to see them now.

Hope you enjoy watching the movie.


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