Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review on the movie "My sister's keeper" (Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin)

The movie is based on the bestseller with the same title. I haven't read the novel but i'm guessing it's as heartwarming as the movie. The story revolves around a loving family which  is very much affected by the oldest daughter's leukemia. The parents are dedicated and so willing to save their daughter that they conceive another child, Anna Fitzgerald to be a donor for her older sister.

Upon watching the movie, one would feel that the whole family is on board with Anna saving her sister when the time comes. But when she turns 11 years old and appears to be hesitant in following "the plan", the family especially the mother, played by Cameron Diaz, is shocked. She has done everything in her power to heal her daughter, given the whole family healthy, organic meals, taken care of her daughters, especially the sick one, that she has not even thought that "the donor" someday might go to an attorney to regain her right to her own body.

The sick daughter seems understanding and not minding her sister's sudden change of heart. Later she meets a guy who she fells for and gives her some moments of being a normal teenager.

I thought that Anna will change her mind in the end so she can save her sister but I was surprised in the end, because of the twist, . The focus of the story is very much on Anna, which distracts us, the audience from the real core of the story. This part is so brilliantly done and like when one sees a magician do his/her trick, one does not see what really is happening because of "all the smoke".

Hope you enjoy watching the movie.


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