Sunday, April 22, 2012

Review on the film "Michael Jackson:The life of an icon"

This film which is produced by David Gest, promises to feature never before seen footage and interviews with Michael Jackson's family, friends and Motown legends. Although i read this at the back of the DVD i still bought it because i was expecting to see something so emotional, that i would cry. But i was sadly disappointed. Many of the things Michael's friends and family said in the interviews were things i already knew from past films and documentaries, done in the past when Michael still lived and after his death.

What was new to me was that Michael's mother Katherine Jackson admitted that Michael did indeed bleached his skin, his hands, chest, face (parts of the body seen), just to even out his skin color because he suffered from vitiligo.

Although the DVD doesn't promise anything about Michael's kids, i was still expecting a few interviews from them in the movie. Katherine and others do speak a little about them, but in the movie, you can only see pictures of them.

The movie shows mostly of interviews, pictures and you could hear Michael's voice and music in the background.

The pictures of Michael shown in the movie, are mostly taken from the time before his surgeries, which is a bit odd since, everybody knows of his surgeries. To me it seems like people behind the the movie is in denial or something.

One more thing that is strange with the movie is the attempt to almost belittle Michael's stories or confessions of him losing his childhood to fame or his horrible memories of his father Joe, punishing him. They said that Michael enjoyed his childhood, that he did have time to play although he was working very hard. Michael's brother, Tito also said that Michael and Janet Jackson got the least beatings of them all.

Although i wanted to see more than i got, i'm not sorry i bought the film since I saw a lot of Michael's friends and family, who are the people who helped form him as a person and a great artist.

Hope you enjoy!

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