Friday, April 27, 2012

Review on the book: Bill Gates, The computer Legend, by Sara Barton-Wood

Hi everyone,
This book is about Bill Gates, his life, and his career life. It's a good book which gives you an introduction to his genius in the computer world. You will know how he started out being intrigued with math and machines as a child which then develops to an enormous interest in computers and programming as he grows up. Many people thinks that Bill Gates has Asperger's syndrome because he does a lot of stimming, like rocking in his chair, back and forth, which he says helps him in his concentration. This and his diet with only pizza and coke while he was in Harvard, is described in the book, which is interesting because many people with Asperger's syndrome do tend to like limited and specific foods, since different and many tastes stresses their senses.

In the book you can also read about Bill Gates being the richest but most generous man in the whole world.

You can also read about his modern and intriguing home i Lakeside which suits him like a glove.

The book is divided in many parts and it has many pictures, which makes it pleasurable and easy to read. All in all, this book is a good introduction to Bill Gates life and career life.


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