Friday, April 20, 2012

Review on organic extra virgin coconut oil as eczema cure after sunbathing

I bought organic extra virgin (with the brand Urtekram) oil last year as i have heard from many people that it's good for the skin, that it heals dry skin, dry hair, pimples, rash, wrinkles and many more. But yesterday evening i saw on YouTube that it's an excellent cure for eczema as well. I also googled to find a natural eczema cure and coconut oil is number one cure there. Before, i used thick creams and hydro cortisone after prescriptions from my doctor but like any other medicine, these have side effects.

I have always suffered from eczema since i was a baby and since 2007 i started having hives. I finally cured my eczema since last year by eating a low fat vegan diet with lots of fruits and veggies. But i still get eczema after sunbathing or even just being out in the sun for a few minutes.

So yesterday evening i tried the oil (i got a lot of eczema on my arms and legs since i sunbathed for two hours yesterday afternoon), and this morning i noticed that my eczema is almost gone. Now i use it as a moisturizer for my whole body. If you buy organic extra virgin oil, you don't have to use perfume as it smells very good. Some people say that this oil is excellent as a sunscreen and some say that it will fry your skin. I guess it's better to use after showering and especially in the evening just to play it safe.

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