Monday, April 16, 2012

Review on "Cure Tooth Decay", (Ramiel Nagel)

This book is a holistic book about teeth, how to care for your teeth, what foods to eat so that you can have healthy teeth and also what to do when one experiences tooth problems such as tooth decay. The book teaches you also how the teeth works and what vitamins (vitamins A,D,E and K) and minerals (like calcium) which are critical so that you will be able to have healthy teeth and make it easier for you to cure tooth decay and remineralize and repair your teeth.

The author of the book promotes a natural diet, a diet with whole foods and does not really recommend supplements other than cod liver oil. He backs it up with history from the time the dentist Weston Price visited people who did not have tooth decay.

This book is a good read and offers a lot of research and facts from Weston Price Foundation. I bought this book because i was suffering from very sensitive teeth and i couldn't wait to read the book. The book is very inspiring and can give many people hope in dealing with their teeth. I feel that many people feels abandoned and let down by their dentists who can only give advice like "we have to fix your tooth", "buy Sensodyne to fix your sensitive teeth" etc. instead of giving you diet tips to help repair your teeth.

The book is worth buying, but i am a little disappointed in one topic in the book, which is the guidelines for vegetarians. I was already a vegan upon buying the book but i was interested in reading it anyway since i am so preoccupied in teeth and the proper nutrition in attaining good teeth and gums. The author does not encourage a vegetarian diet and  especially not a vegan diet when having tooth decay and other tooth problems. He is convinced that the best food for the teeth are grass fed meat, dairy and vegetables. Only
1-3% of almost any population are vegetarians and vegans but lots of people have tooth decay and other teeth problems. Therefore it is safe to assume that anyone can have teeth problems regardless of which diet they follow. I think that it has something to do with balance. A vegan who eats mostly junk food can have teeth problems since his/her diet will be lacking in proper nutrition and that applies also to meat eaters who follows a SAD diet (standard american diet) who does not balance his/her diet with healthy foods. I myself started having sensitive teeth way back when i was just 16 years old and eating meat along with green veggies. But anyway, the book helped med being aware of getting more of the right vitamins and minerals which will help support good teeth and gums.

Over all the book is helpful to people having teeth problems. And the book is divided into many chapters which makes it easier to go back and reread anything you want.

Hope you enjoy reading the book!


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  1. The approach to this book is far from scientific and either ignores current research and commentary or is oblivious to them. Too many entries surrounding this book have the tone of being clever and manipulative versus scientific. Promotion of the book and the author seem to take precedence over comprehensive analysis.